AutomatorWP and GamiPress Digital Wapuu Collectibles

In getting Web3 WP off the ground, we are partnering with people and products that see the potential of blockchain and WordPress and are interested in the experimentation of new technologies. The AutomatorWP and GamiPress creators couldn’t be a better fit.

Besides having super fly Wapuu designs already created, they are at the edge of creativity and when it comes to automation and the gamification of site content – two areas we believe have the potential to shift greatly as blockchain technologies like NFTs continue to mature.

AutomatorWP Wapuu
GamiPress Wapuu
GamiPress Wapuu

GamiPress lets you award your users with points, achievements, and rankings that incentives interaction on your website. As smart contracts improve, digital currency becomes commonplace, and web3 is widely adapted, digital rewards will radically change the way visitors interact with your content. GamiPress lets you apply these principles on your site without diving into crypto.

Their team is also the brains behind AutomatorWP. AutomatorWP connects your WordPress plugins and puts them to work together with triggers, tasks, and automation. Set a series of tasks in motion when a user performs a single action on your site. AutomatorWP already has over 80 integrations, and the list keeps growing.

We couldn’t be more excited to tap into their creative minds as we experiment with web3.

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Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards

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