Web3 WP On The WP Mainline Podcast

In our quest to build a community around Web3 technology for WordPress, founders Aaron Edwards and Joshua Daily were invited to talk about the project on the WP Mainline podcast. The conversation with host Jeff Chandler covers everything from:

  • How we got started with Web3
  • Why we decided to start Web3 WP
  • Our first experiment in blockchain creating Wapuu NFTs (launching September 25th, 2021)
  • Why we chose to start with NFTs
  • The roadmap for Web3 WP and future experiments

The entire conversation, including audio and the complete transcript, is available on WP Mainline. If you find the conversation entertaining, don’t forget to subscribe to the show. WP Mainline is a collection of commentary and news from leading voices in WordPress including the founder of WP Tavern.

Jeff said, “The scope of the WordPress community and ecosystem is vast and there are few independent voices who are able to keep folks apprised as to what’s going on in a fun, friendly, and inquisitive way.” That’s why he created WP Mainline.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to share our vision for the future of WordPress and Web3 on their platform.

Enjoy, like, and share!

Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards

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