Aaron Edwards

Aaron Edwards

WP Pusher Helping Explore New Technology


WP Pusher is a plugin that takes the pain out of WordPress deployment. It lets plugin and theme developers push updates directly from GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab. At Web3 WP, we are building a community excited about exploring new technologies,…

How to Mint an NFT Wapuu

How to Mint a Wapuu

The Wapuu NFT experiment launches September 25th, 2021! One of our main objectives with Web3 WP is to educate and to lower the barrier to entry onto the decentralized Internet. To help new users get started, we put this short…

Web3 WP On The WP Mainline Podcast

WP Mainline Feature

In our quest to build a community around Web3 technology for WordPress, founders Aaron Edwards and Joshua Daily were invited to talk about the project on the WP Mainline podcast. The conversation with host Jeff Chandler covers everything from: How…