How to Mint an NFT Wapuu

The Wapuu NFT experiment launches September 25th, 2021! One of our main objectives with Web3 WP is to educate and to lower the barrier to entry onto the decentralized Internet. To help new users get started, we put this short video tutorial together that shows the process of minting a Wapuu NFT to show you what to expect.

What You Will Learn

The process is designed to be simple and our hope is to demystify the basic functionality of buying, selling and trading NFTs.

This tutorial covers:

  • Connecting your MetaMask crypto wallet.
  • The process of mint a Wapuu
  • Tricks for saving on gas prices
  • Checking the status of your transaction
  • Viewing NFTs in your wallet
  • How to access special edition Wapuu secret content

Why Purchase a Wapuu?

The Wapuu NFT collection was created to help introduce Web3 WP experiments to the WordPress community. This generative art project is digital swag that marks the launch of the project. NFTs invite participation and a way for the community to support further experimentation.

We believe NFTs are the perfect on-ramp for people into blockchain technology because it combines existing concepts they already understand – Art, collecting, and trading.

Ways to Get Involved

Don’t have the resources to purchase but want to get started? We want you to get involved too. Follow us on Twitter and join the discussion on Discord. You can win 1 of 6 Wapuus by following us on twitter and retweeting the giveaway tweet.

You can also get a submission by joining our mailing list. We will be randomly selecting our lucky winners shortly after the launch.

Final Thoughts

Even if you do not plan to collect or trade Wapuus, this tutorial is for you. Learning how your wallet can be used to seamlessly interact with Web3 decentralized applications (smart contracts) to purchase, verify ownership, login, collect, and trade is your onramp to the future of the Internet.

Whether you are a user or a developer, we hope this helps inspire your next project and gives you fresh ideas on how to simplify complex tasks with Web3 technologies. We would love to hear your ideas, If you have questions or thought leave them in the comments bellow so we can learn together.

Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards

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