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WP Pusher is a plugin that takes the pain out of WordPress deployment. It lets plugin and theme developers push updates directly from GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab. At Web3 WP, we are building a community excited about exploring new technologies, and having the support of a developer plugin like WP Pusher helps position us for success.

WP Pusher owner and developer Keanan Koppenhaver is constantly giving back to the WordPress community. He is a speaker, mentor, and committed to creating tools that “just work.” His participation in the Web3 WP community is a welcome addition.

As one of our sponsors, WP Pusher added their very own custom Wapuu to the special edition collection. “Wapuusher” includes a secret one-time use code for a 1-year free WP Pusher membership.

WP Pusher
“Wapuusher” by WP Pusher

Our sponsors have stepped up HUGE with more than $15,000 in backing and services to help explore new technologies. The NFT Wapuu project is our first blockchain experiment. It is a great opportunity for us to gather like-minded developers and users curious about Web3 and it allows us to create new code for integrating NFT creation with WordPress. By having multiple people engage in the project we are also able to incentives our collectors with additional benefits with POAP badges.
We are just scratching the surface of smart contracts and backing from products like WP Pusher goes a long way in pushing the needle.

Interested in Participating?

We are just getting started! Join the community at the level that’s right for you. For starters, you can join the discussion on Discord, follow us on Twitter, and join our mailing list. Next, you can mint a Wapuu! There are only 2,222 Wapuus and when they are gone, they are gone. Who knows you may be the lucky collector of Wapuusher. Finally, sponsorships are open. Add your Wapuu to the collection and be a part of growing the community.

Whether you follow, share, mint, or sponsor, we have space for everyone. We look forward to developing useful projects that introduce the WordPress community to the decentralized future of the Internet.

Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards

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