A Walkthrough of the Wapuu NFT Smart Contract

Smart Contracts are what make NFTs and other blockchain based applications possible. The Wapuu NFT collection explores smart contract standards and tokens and applies them practically to help us educate new users in Web3 technology.

One of our main reasons for creating Web3 WP is education. We want to make it easier for WordPress users to build and monetize with the blockchain. In this tutorial, the developer of our Wapuu NFT project walks step-by-step through the smart contract.

Even if you do not code, this walkthrough provides insight into reading smart contracts and understanding how the technology works. In the Web3 world where code is trust, this is an important skill to learn.

The tutorial covers:

  • Solidity – The programing language used for coding your own smart contract.
  • Etherscan – How to view a contract publicly on Etherscan.
  • Standards – Why we chose the NFT contract standard ERC1155.
  • Tokens – What they are and how to create them.
  • Efficiency – Bulk transfer and other tactics for keeping gas fees low.
  • Contract customization – Features we added that are not part of the normal NFT standard.
  • How to read a smart contract – Go item-by-item through the contract and explore its logic.
  • Calls – Interact with smart contracts directly on Etherscan without an API connection.
  • Events – Using events to publish transactions and other activities to the blockchain to save gas and allow other applications to trigger actions in response.

We are committed to making Web3 WP experiments available to others in the WordPress community. This in-depth walkthrough is a foundation for further exploration and provides a look at the possibilities available with smart contracts and tokens.

Tokens, token limit, metadata URI, the GPL license, fee amounts, and custom names are all stored in the Wapuu NFT custom smart contract. The contract is open source with a MIT license, verified, and visible on Etherscan. Users will be able to interact directly with our smart contract to mint or transfer Wapuus even if our site no longer exists in the future.

Follow our projects on GitHub for access to code and future experimentation. Join the discussion on the Web3 WP Discord server. If you are a business that would like to sponsor Web3 WP experimentation, learn more about how you can get involved on our sponsor page. The community is open to everyone. We would love to hear your feedback and see the projects you are building. Leave a comment or message us on Twitter.

Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards

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